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Horsemanship clinic testimonial

Distance Was The Biggest Obstacle For Me

Nicola and Jane catering during a Dromgool Horsemanship Clinic at the River Valley Stables Arena
“The biggest obstacle for me to attend the Dromgool Horsemanship Clinic (being from the South Island and the clinic being in the North Island) was organising work, farm animals etc and considering floating my horse getting up to Taihape. Luckily I have a very kind sister in law who loaned me a terrific horse(Whisper) to use for the three days.

I am a reasonably new rider so for me this course offered lots of new learning. I now have an improved understanding of how horses move their feet and how I am better able to control those feet by adjusting my reins and using leg cues when in the saddle.

The feature i enjoyed most was watching and learning from the participants who all had different levels of experience – from an unstarted horse through to more experienced horses and riders. Everyone was looking to get something specific from the course and I felt we all gained new knowledge even though we were at very different riding levels with varying degrees of equine knowledge and confidence.

Other benefits of the course were meeting new people who are happy to talk horses for hours!! Learning to canter so that it is comfortable for both myself and the horse and having the opportunity to see an unstarted horse introduced to human touch and the saddle in a respectful way. One of the huge things for me as a novice horse person is having the chance to see lots of different horse behaviour, learning what is normal (and what is not) and how to read what the horse is telling you.

I would absolutely recommend the clinic to anyone keen to learn more about the horse and how to improve their understanding of them. This clinic demonstrates the huge benefit and fun of doing ground work with your horse too. I found it very practical as it linked the ground work with actions in the saddle and with the reins.

I would like to thank Nicola and Brian for organising and hosting the course and Ken for making the long trip south. I am hoping Ken has a corresponding clinic DVD out soon so that what I learned on the course can be refreshed in my mind via the DVD.

I definitely came away from the course with new skills that I have been able to teach my horse back home in the South Island.”

Jane Sage
South Island
New Zealand

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