The Dictionary and The Eclipse of Nature

By Brian | June 26, 2018

The Dictionary and the Eclipse of Nature Did you know that the 2007 Oxford Children’s Dictionary, aimed at seven-year olds, dropped words such as ‘almond’, ‘blackberry’ and ‘crocus’ and replaced them with ‘analogue’, ‘block graph’ and ‘celebrity’? The 2012 edition reinforced this break with nature. This process of writing nature out of young minds. Heron, [...]

A Typical Portrait of a Family Business?

By Brian | June 22, 2018

A Typical Portrait of a Family Business? A cornerstone of tourism in New Zealand has always been the small, most often family owned, business. While the industry shows signs of some consolidation, with corporate buy outs of a number of previously privately owned operators, small and medium businesses still comprise 85 % of the businesses [...]

Whose Talking To You?

By Brian | May 21, 2018

Have you thought about unsubscribing from the River Valley Newsletter, Blog or Social Media? Why This (To Me) Extreme Measure? My groaning Inbox. Every morning, and then it seems at intervals throughout  the day another flood of emails arrives. A handful work related, the odd one from friends, a few newsletters that I have signed […]

Do You Have A Question About White Water Rafting?

By Brian | May 16, 2018

For people with limited time, which 1 day rafting experience do we recommend?   River Valley offer two half day or day rafting trips. The first of these is the half day Grade 5 section of the Rangitikei River. If excitement and adrenaline is what you after, then this is the trip for you. This […]

What Reflection Do You See?

By Brian | May 10, 2018

I listened to a thought provoking comment on the radio a couple of days ago. The comment was about looking in a mirror and wondering what reflection do you see? I thought about that for a while. Is the reflection I see only what I want to see? Or Is the reflection I see reality? […]

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