Raft Guide Rescue Course

By rvadmin1 | April 17, 2015

Just How Good Are The Hands You Are In When Rafting in New Zealand? Coming round the corner of the river what a scene met us. We first saw an upside down raft, then a number of people apparently stranded on the opposite bank, while one person looked to be trapped in some way in [...]

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The Flavour of a River

By rvadmin1 |

Why River Flavours Vary as Much as Ice Cream Can you imagine this scene? Isla and her mother, Janey, have just walked into Mississippi Mud, Taihape’s one and only Ice Cream shop. Janey says, “Isla, what sort of ice cream would you like today?” 3 year old Isla does not at first reply. She is [...]

White water raft guiding technique

By rvadmin1 | April 10, 2015

White Water Choreography Why You Need To Learn The Steps To Do The Dance and Avoid Standing on Someone's Toes The River Guide calls out, "Can I have a group of 6 over here please". This is part of the routine at the start of each river rafting trip, a part of the dance, the [...]

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Are multi day adventure rafting and horse trek trips good value?

By rvadmin1 | March 12, 2015

Finding The Adventure Holiday Where the Price is the Cost, No More and No Less You see the headline price - Fiji for $899. Wahoo! Sea, sand, warm water - the tropics for 4 days for only $899 including airfares. Getting your plastic fantastic out you quickly book. What a deal! After booking, everything seamlessly [...]

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The Ngaruroro, the forgotten river, rivers of Hawkes Bay

By rvadmin1 | March 5, 2015

Why Would You Forget This River? Rather than the level of notoriety of its better known cousins, this is a river that sits quietly in the background, just like a beautiful woman who sits in the shadows at the back of the room, waiting for those who make the extra effort to meet her. Author, [...]

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Outstanding Rivers of New Zealand

By rvadmin1 | February 28, 2015

What Do You Know About New Zealand's Outstanding Rivers? I have never encountered wind like it on a river trip. Luckily it was blowing either downstream, or across river. I struggled to keep my fully loaded gear raft going where I wanted it to. When the raft got sideways to the gale, the strength of [...]

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What difference does water flow make to a rafting experience

By rvadmin1 | February 17, 2015

What is the Difference Between A High Water and A Low Water Rafting Experience? Ants and crew running the bottom drop in Foamy Rapid at high flows A question we are often asked is, how does a rafting trip at high water differ from one at low water? To answer this I thought a few [...]

Survey results multi day adventure tours

By rvadmin1 | February 16, 2015

What Was The Deal With The "C" Word Survey? The "C" word drags up all sorts of connotations - a quiet snigger here or a look of - "What, you are not going to talk about that word in a River Valley Newsletter are you?" Well we are going to go ahead and do it. [...]

Writing an about us page for river valley

By rvadmin1 | January 17, 2015

Why is "About Us" actually "About You"? I recently read an article about companies “About Us” pages on their websites. The thrust of the article was that so many were boring pages that not only told little of any real “substance” about themselves, but also how little of what they did tell was of any [...]

Articles on White Water Rafting, Horse Trekking & Adventure

By rvadmin1 | January 2, 2015

Adventure Travel, White Water Rafting and Horse Trekking Articles A selection of articles and stories about white water rafting, catarafting, horse trekking, adventure travel, and environmental concerns. Articles Concerning the Natural Environment The Forgotten River and Beautiful Women in the Shadows at the Back of the Room What Price 100% Pure? What Do You Know [...]

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