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Dare to be Different with an Outdoor Adventure

Hands up how many people have been to the standard Business Retreat? No doubt it was filled with Powerpoint Presentations, long days in the boardroom, and maybe a game of golf for light relief.

Hey, if that is what turns your work life on, who are we to offer you alternatives?

However, if you are one of those business leaders who think that there has to be other ways to get results, then maybe we can help you.

What if the Great Outdoors was the classroom?

Have you ever thought what it would be like to take your team away for a few days. Away where the great outdoors was the classroom?
Summer river fun in Inflatable Kayaks
Where evenings were spent talking around campfires.

Where the days are spent under the open sky, on journeys of discovery.
River Valley Corporate Escapes are not about some sort of “Survivor” program however.

Roughing it is not part of the Program!

You don’t want to be cold, so we provide great gear.

You don’t want to rough it, so on camping trips we provide extra thick sleeping mats and good dry tents.

You don’t want to feel hard done by on the food front either, so food is a focus with great meals.

Well all those features are great, but what is the rationale behind it all?

The Rationale and Benefits of Corporate Adventures

Working with a group of people in the outdoors can enhance communication, teamwork, cooperation and productivity. People are outside their normal environment and are often more honest in their dealings with each other, and themselves.

If you feel that a natural style corporate trip is not enough, we can help by organising professional facilitators to focus your team on specific issues. This focus could be on issues such as management development, productivity, or staff morale.

Taking part in an outdoor adventure, especially one such as our multi day river journeys, can be a great alternative to the more standard executive retreats and can be a great incentive.

Not only that, but these types of programs or retreats also provide an experience that is fun, memorable, and quite different from the normal type of meeting environment.

Company Getaways

Where an overnight river journey is not in your frame of reference, then a River Valley Lodge based program or retreat may be.

1 and 2 Day Adventure Programs can be arranged, based from River Valley Lodge. On many of the activities we can provide a photographer to record your experience together.

Corporate Getaways are about fun, and the team work that can develop from doing adventurous things together.

Great for Business Social Groups.

Customised Adventures

We understand that your company may have very specific requirements, such as number of days, level of physical effort required and so on.

Let us know what you are looking for and let us design a customised adventure or Lodge stay that perfectly meets your requirements.

Multi Activity Adventures

Multi Activity Adventures are a sort of half way house between the wilderness experience of a multi-day river trip, and a single activity or staff day out at River Valley.

The program is based from the Lodge, with everybody returning there each evening. Activities include a mixture of rafting and horse back riding, with the possibility of a heli rafting trip into the gorge section of the Rangitikei Headwaters at the conclusion.

This type of multi activity program is especially suitable where use also needs to be made of the conference and meeting room facilities at the Lodge.

The activity options and number of days can be varied to meet the specific needs of your business

To search for what River Valley Adventures may be suitable for your business, click here to view our rafting trips, or click here for horse treks.

What people say

3 Day Mokai Canyon Rafting Adventure

3 Day Mokai Canyon Rafting Adventure

” The chill spray and rush of the water is instantly energising; and your attention is quickly focused on the river’s flow – wild and white, mildly ruffled, slickly swirling, or calmly clear. When it is quiet, you take in your surroundings: towering cliffs, canyons and hill sides, shoals of fish darting past the rafts, wild ducks and ducklings at the river’s edge, birds of prey wheeling in the vast… Read More


Sep 15, 2020

Grade 5 Rafting, Rangitikei River, New Zealand

Grade 5 White Water Rafting

“My biggest obstacle in doing a Grade 5 rafting trip with River Valley was a previous negative kayaking experience. As it turned out, if I had had the cash and time I would have done a second trip the next morning!

Having now done the trip, I find that I have developed a craving… Read More

Neil Duxbury

United Kingdom
Oct 4, 2020

Horse Trekking in New Zealand with River Valley Stables

Horse Trekking in New Zealand with River Valley Stables

“I decided to try River Valley Stables because I really wanted to go somewhere that was going to let me ride how I ride. You know, not go and plod around some field with 10 other people.

And that is what I actually found with this experience… Read More

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Alex Hoskins-Smith

Auckland, NZ
Oct 4, 2020

Multi Activity or Multi Sport Experiences at River Valley

Multi Activity or Multi Sport Experiences at River Valley

The horse trek was beautiful. The scenery was beautiful. Weather was great. It’s just very relaxing. It’s very nice. The white water rafting, I was a little nervous about it because we’ve never done that before…………………

If someone was interested in coming to New Zealand, I would definitely recommend River Valley. That would be one of the first things I would say – You got to stop by River Valley.Read More

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Neil Duxbury

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