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From time to time, we have full time vacancies in a number of positions. These include, Guides, Chefs and Bar and Lodge Staff. If you are interested in working at River Valley, are honest, suitably qualified, friendly and self motivated, send us your CV to put on file.

So what type of person are we after?

Well first of all we are not after just anyone!

We are especially looking for people who want to make River Valley a career choice.

People who can grasp the River Valley vision of Great Staff delivering Great Experiences. People who are excited by the possibility that Hospitality is all about how you make your guests feel! People who passionately believe that shaking peoples’ hands, smiling, and looking them in the eye is a genuine means of welcoming them.

To do the above requires giving of yourself! It requires you to be genuine and honest. It does not require you to be special. If this type of experience in your workplace excites you, then please contact us.

Permaculture Tutor

Currently this position is available

Posted on – 25th February 2021

Permaculture Tutor – Expressions of Interest

We are looking at the possibility of hosting a Permaculture Design Course at River Valley Lodge in Spring 2021. We think the Lodge has everything required to be the place for a truly inspirational retreat.

The one thing we are short of is a qualified tutor. If you, or someone you know, is suitably qualified and interested in the position please get in touch.

Please send Cover Letter and CV to:

Life at the Lodge

River Valley is isolated in some senses of the word. We are 30 minutes drive from the nearest town, and about 2 hours from the nearest city. If applying for a position with us, please bear in mind that you will not be living close to your present family and friends – you will have to make new ones!

The staff at River Valley are a fun lot and will welcome you into their circle. These are the same people you will most likely live amongst, work with, and play with.

It is not a requirement, but due to our remote location it is highly recommended that you have a driving license and a car.

Staff accommodation is available, either on or off site.

Amongst other great benefits, staff get discounted food and drinks at the lodge and can hop onto any of our trips if space allows.

Great Opportunities To Work
In A Fun Environment

These are great opportunities to work at a progressive adventure Lodge and enjoy the atmosphere and location that makes River Valley unique.

Often what was intended to be a stop over of a couple of weeks, becomes several months!!

River Valley is committed to being a drug and alcohol free workplace.

“When our son, Andy went to New Zealand he spent about half of his year there working at River Valley. Even 5 years later he continues to rave about the place and the people – and therefore it had to be on our route.”

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“Thanks Brian, just a little update but I am now the river manager here on the Rouge. I would probably not be there without my experience at River Valley. Take care and keep doing the good work!
Alexandre Jette

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