Ngaruroro River Rafting

By rvadmin1 | November 17, 2015

Capturing the Ngaruroro Taking part in a River Valley rafting adventure on the Ngaruroro River shows us a different view to how most of us normally view its waters, ending as it does at the Waitangi Estuary near Clive, its muddied form mingling with the Tutaekuri River before it empties into the Pacific. Sourced in [...]

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Finding the Right Family Rafting Trip

By rvadmin1 | October 17, 2015

How To Find The Right Family Rafting Trip Peter had this to say about the trip. “The total sense of isolation and wilderness began within 10 minutes of launching the rafts, and lasted until we saw some fishermen an hour before reaching the take-out site. This was exactly what we had been looking for when [...]

Rafting the Zambezi River in Zambia, Africa

By rvadmin1 | September 17, 2015

What Is On Your Bucket List? Way before the movie "The Bucket List" starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman came out, I had already created a bucket list of river trips that I wanted to do. Heading that list was the Zambezi River, especially the section below Victoria Falls that forms the border between Zambia [...]

Inspiration found rafting the Zanskar River, India, Ladakh

By rvadmin1 | August 17, 2015

Finding Inspiration on the Zanskar It was a rapid called "Constriction" on the Zanskar River in Ladakh, a province of the State of Jammu and Kashmir in North Western India. Constriction is not really a hard rapid. A simple wave train flows down into a very narrow short canyon. The canyon is full of confusing [...]

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River Explorers and adventurers

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Dr. Livingstone I presume? Sir Henry Morton Stanley's immortal, and somewhat understated greeting, uttered after a nightmare 1100km journey through tropical jungle of, "Dr. Livingstone I presume" in so many ways summed up the great tradition of Victorian era exploration. Men from Britain, Europe and North America exploring the hinterland of Africa, Australia, South America [...]

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