Guaranteed Trip Departures

What Is A Guaranteed Departure?

A Guaranteed Departure is a multi day trip, where the minimum numbers to run the trip have been met.

This page sets out what trips are guaranteed to have a departure (weather permitting), the dates that the trip is scheduled for, and whether there are vacancies for other people to join the trip.

This is particularly relevant for singles and couples who want to adventure with other people.

Departures and Schedules

The start date in each case is the night BEFORE departure on the river or by horseback. That is the night you arrive at River Valley Lodge prior to leaving on the river or trek the next morning (EXCEPT the River Valley Ride).

The finish date is the last day on the river or trek. The exceptions to this are the Rangitikei Headwaters Expedition which includes a night at River Valley Lodge after the river trip, and a Rangitikei River Explorer where the last night is at Rathmoy Lodge. In effect both these trips finish the following morning, and this is the date set out below.

Multi-Day River Trips

19th Feb – 4 day Whanganui River Dories

4th March 2021 – Mokai Canyon

Horse Riding Holidays

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Multi Activity or Multi Sport Experiences at River Valley

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